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Paola Adamo is an italian visual artist, born in Naples on 1983.

She pursued his studies mainly at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he received his Degree in Visual Arts and is a qualified teacher of painting disciplines. Since 2001 he gained artistic experiences by participating in solo and group exhibitions, festivals and redevelopment projects in public spaces. Lives and works in Italy



The physical and mental space reproduced in her paintings, mainly in monochrome, is closely correlated to Michel Foucault's concept of Heterotopias. Starting from an investigation on “neither here nor there places” mentioned by the French philosopher, the author focuses on transience of spaces and situations questioning herself about their meaning. What comes to light is that a hotel, a subway and a graveyard are physical and tangible places but also a reference to a mental, symbolic and built space of culture. Her works propose a representation of a world where they speak about a personal vision and an superpersonal dimension of a specific point of view.​

ph Diego Marino

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